3D Animation of a Malaria Infection I did for the Film "Malaria" written and directed by Andzej Gavriss.

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Written and Directed by
Andzej Gavriss

Produced by
Andrea Sastoque,
Ariel Navarrete

Executive Producers
Philip Töpfer,
Nico Kreis,
Andrea Sastoque,
Ariel Navarrete

Kelcey Watson

Director of Photography
Anatol Trofimov

Production Designer And Costume Stylist
Julija Fricsone Gavriss

Production Manager And First Assistant Director
Valentina Kaminker

David Gesslbauer
Music Composer
Stefan Benz

Background Talent
Steven Benn, Emiliano Lopez, Mahrael Boutros, Devin DiNardo, Shealtiel Dow,
Frank Bauer, De’marshun Sanders, Diana Dray, Osama Ellahib, Christina Suzann

Production Assistants
Polina Zaitseva, Jaime Tapia, Cesar Reyes, Connor Jhonson,
First Assistant Camera
Aaron Cheung

Steadicam OP
Zachary Stanke

Music by
Uneon Sound
Sound Design
Denis Elmaci


VFX Supervisor
Mario Bertsch

Animation Artists
Ihabo Azzamo, Till Sander-Titgemeyer

CG And FX Artists
Johannes Kammerer, Johannes Lübke

Compositing Artists
Lukas Löffler, Priyesh Puthan Valiyandi

Emiliano Serantoni

Special Thanks To
Skid Row Community, Harper Dry Lake Management, Art Center College of Design, Ross LaManna, Hugo Will, Andrej Nikolaev, Alex Derzavin, Sonja Polzin, Sebastian Raphael, Friedrich ’Fiddi’ Sigmund, DELI Creative Collective, Nhat Quang Tran

Production Company
Bonaparte Films

Paranoiia Productions
© 2020
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